A Quick Update

Thought I’d better let everyone know we are still alive and well.  This is what we’ve been doing:

—Gettysburg.  We stayed at a Pine Grove Furnace State Park outside of Gettysburg and drove in to tour the museum and cyclorama on one day, then went back to do a driving tour through the battleground the next day.  It was truly amazing to see and hear about all the battles during those 3 days in 1863.  Learned so much more than I ever remember covering in school.

—Washington D.C.  We decided at the last minute to visit D.C. (at my dad’s suggestion, thanks Dad) and were so glad we did.  Cherry Hill RV Park (in MD) had a sightseeing session providing us with all the info we needed to see the sights.  We went into D.C. 3 days and tried to absorb all we could during our visit.  I have to say, especially during these difficult times in the USA, it was inspiring to be reminded of how our country began and to see and read so much of what it has taken to get to where we are today.  The museums were so very interesting, so much to try to take in.  But the memorials were absolutely stunning; wonderful tributes to extraordinary people.

—Claytor Lake State Park, Virginia.  We are parked here for a few days to get back to nature after being so busy sightseeing.  We took a nice walk around the park yesterday, then took the kayak out for a trip in the lake.  We drove along the Blue Ridge Parkway today, lovely scenery even though the colors are almost gone.  It is quiet and peaceful here, a nice break from the busy city.

Coming up next:

—Nashville TN.  We are headed that way and plan to stay several days in the area.  If any of you have suggestions on places to go, we’d love to hear them.

—We will be in Arkansas for Thanksgiving to visit our daughter and her family!

—Getting closer to TX to visit family and friends, take care of necessities and hopefully stay somewhat warm for the winter.

I have not included any pictures in this post until we resolve our issue, sorry:-(

We continue to hope you will find peace, love and joy in your lives each and every day!


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