Time to get on the road again…

We’ve had a wonderful time in Texas visiting family and taking care of annual business (banking, doctor appts, mail, vehicle maintenance, etc.) and now it’s time roll again and we are ready. Being here for the past 3 months has allowed us to “be in the neighborhood” of several family members at different times hanging out and catching up. Both of my parents, my sister, my two brothers, and one of my children live here in Texas and it is fun to come be a part of their lives for a little while. I am very thankful for them and their families and the time we were able to share with them.

So now we begin heading west tomorrow. We will ultimately be doing a Northwest trip this year, but Big Bend National Park in TX is first on the list. We are meeting some friends in the Alpine/Marfa/Fort Davis area for a few days, then on to Terlinqua TX to see Big Bend. We always intended to make this trip from Carlsbad and never followed through, so now’s the time. Then we’ll make our way up to New Mexico for a while.

We get asked quite often about how long we hope to continue this lifestyle, and we both agree there is still way too much to see and do to think about ending any time soon. This journey has been way beyond our expectations and continues to excite and challenge us each day.

We appreciate your interest and taking time to keep up with us. We continue to hope your lives are filled with peace, joy, and love.

Pam (and Carl)

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